Analysis of Hidden Dangers of Kitchen Appliances and Appliances Security

Hood: Over time, chemical carcinogenic 1. For the life of the hood, the national standard made a clear provision: 7 years. After the hood has been used for more than a certain number of years, a large amount of unpolluted oil is deposited inside the machine. When it is heated, it can produce harmful substances that may cause cancer. The harmful substances are absorbed by the body and can easily cause lung cancer. Housewives and children are the biggest victims. 2. With the increase of the number of years of use, the main components of the hood will begin to age under the harsh environment of oil, moisture, and high temperature, and the motor speed and exhaust effect of the wind turbine will decrease, and even the hood will shake and fall.   Gas stoves: Component aging, dangerous combustion 1. The “Regulations on the Safety Management of Household Gas Burners” of the State clearly specifies the safe service life of gas stoves: The life span of household gas and natural gas gas stoves is 6 years and 8 years. It is prone to failures of safety devices, gas leaks, detonation, and tempering, which can lead to safety accidents. 2. With the increase in the number of years of use, the main components of gas stoves begin to age in the harsh environments of oil pollution, humidity, and high temperature combustion. Therefore, the gas combustion efficiency and the performance of components will all decline. Exceeding the period of safe use, safety accidents such as ignition difficulties, deflagration, tempering, accidental flameout, and gas leaks are prone to occur.   Gas water heaters: Overage use, safety is not guaranteed 1. The national "Household gas burning appliances safety management regulations" on the safety life of gas water heaters made a clear provision: Household artificial gas and natural gas water heaters safe use life of 6 years and 8 years, overage use It is prone to failure of safety devices, gas leaks, deflagration, etc., which can lead to safety accidents. 2. With the increase in the number of years of use, the main components of gas water heaters begin to age under humid and high-temperature combustion and harsh environments. Therefore, the overall performance of gas water heaters, gas combustion efficiency, and component performance will all decline. After the period of safe use was exceeded, the failure rate of major components increased, and the cost of use increased gradually. Even a safety accident has occurred due to failure of the mounting device, short circuit in the connection lines, gas leaks, etc.   80% of consumers are not clear about their years of use. Through random interviews with consumers, over 80% of consumers do not have a clear understanding of the age of kitchen appliances. The use pattern of “not to be used for nothing” is deeply rooted in the minds of many consumers. It is precisely because the vast majority of consumers have unclear understanding of the use of kitchen appliances including hoods, gas stoves, and water heaters, resulting in the widespread use of overage, and the accidents that result from each year are not uncommon. According to the relevant regulations of our country, the service life of kitchen appliances is strictly limited. Under the premise of regular maintenance, the quality inspection results of household gas stoves showed that: “ Of the 50 products sampled, 34 were unqualified and the pass rate was only 32%. In addition, there were 29 gas stoves without flameout protection. Device, the failure rate is close to 60%." Overdue kitchen and toilet replacement, imminent!

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