How to choose the correct valve

How to choose the right valve, on the whole, the valve market in China is relatively stable, although a slight rise each year, but the magnitude is small. Valve market, the main problems are: First, some operators to buy a valve without a factory name site, printing well-known manufacturers of brand names and certificates, the reputation of qualified valve enterprises pose a serious hazard. Second, the renovation of the valve, some operators through the second valve after the waste paint sales, to the project quality brings serious security risks. Therefore, care should be taken when choosing the valve that best suits your purpose. In order to avoid ambiguity, every valve should be accurately defined. When asking for a quote or ordering, a full and proper explanation of the valve required should be made. Select the valve diameter must determine the nominal diameter of the pipe connected to the valve. Valve material in determining the correct valve material. The following factors should be considered: • The fluid medium to be controlled by the valve • The temperature range of the fluid medium • The range of pressures to be subjected to the valve • The climatic conditions that may affect the operation of the valve • Possible abnormal pressures or stresses to be experienced by the valve • The safety to be met Standard or pipeline procedures Valve Category What is the control function of the valve? Each valve structure is used to perform some function. Do not expect a valve to perform all the functions of the entire piping system. Pressure - temperature rating. In order to meet the actual needs, pay special attention to the required valve pressure - temperature rating. Pay special attention to the sealing material and gasket material, which to a large extent determine the pressure-temperature rating of the valve. According to the actual needs of the designated sealing material and precipitation materials to meet or better than the actual needs. Valve and connection. The integrity of the piping system, future routine maintenance, corrosion protection, site assembly, weight and safety all determine the factors that should be considered when connecting a valve to a pipe. Mode of operation or method of operation According to the valve type, size, pressure, temperature, installation environment and other factors to choose the appropriate mode of operation or operation. Ordering of Valves When ordering a valve, please provide the following data to avoid unnecessary repetition and delay to ensure that the valve purchased is indeed the one you need. 1. Valve Path 2. Pressure Interface Materials: Castings and Parts Materials. 3. Valve types: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, and so on. 4. Terminal connection, if the connection method is welding, but also to provide pipe wall thickness of the connection pipe; If the connection is the flange, to provide the flange surface or polishing. 5. Any material different from the standard configuration: Sealing material, Precipitation material, Bolt material, and so on. 6. any accessories: anti-acid protective layer, locking device, chain operation, and so on. 7. Manual or powered actuator: Please include the requested technical details. 8. For ordering convenience, please confirm the model number.

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