3D CAD tutorial in 3D complex mold multi-body machining

In the process of mold processing, if the graphics are more complicated, the CAD designer usually simplifies and modifies some of the graphics, filling some of the insert slots, waterways and thimble holes. As a CAD/CAM integrated software, Zhongwang 3D provides users with great convenience in mold processing. Its powerful CAD and CAM functions improve user's processing efficiency, programming efficiency, and programming path. More rationalized. Let's take a look at the CAD processing steps of complex mold multi-body:

1. Zhongwang 3D has no layer control in CAD/CAM. Our solution is to simplify the simplified image by making the sub-parts through the assembly scheme or copying the original image through the copy function in the object management function.

(Figure 1)

2. Insert the part geometry in the machining. Select the simplified styling entity under Insert geometry file management. (Figure II)

3. Start programming with simplified materialization. The roughing is realized by the simplified entity, so that the cutting path can reduce the cutting path in unnecessary parts, optimize the cutting path, and improve the programming and processing efficiency. When roughing, select the D30R5 knife to open roughing.

What is to be done through the process analysis is clearing the corner, in order to make the cutting path more rational. Need to be a helper. Then the auxiliary body is made into the corresponding assembly file, and the part geometry under the CAM module is transferred to realize the CAM processing of the multi-body processing scheme. (Figure 4)

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