Hardware technical knowledge

Hardware technical knowledge

First, surface treatment

Surface treatment refers to the use of metal electrodeposition (commonly known as electroplating), coating (called spraying), chemical oxidation (coloring) or other processing methods to cover or form a protective film on the surface of a part. The film mainly plays an anti-corrosion effect, and also increases the appearance and durability of the product, which is an important factor directly measuring the quality of the product. Common methods for measuring the surface treatment include: thickness measurement of the cover layer, binding force inspection, salt spray and humidity test, appearance inspection, and the like. The coating is applied to the film adhesion, hardness, humidity test and visual inspection.

China's new standards for door locks

The new standards for door locks in China were released in June 2000 and implemented in October 2000. The State Light Industry Bureau and the National Center for Standardization of Daily Use Hardware issued separate notices to revise the original four door lock standards. And the original marble door lock (SG205-80) and the outer double door lock (GB8385-87) combined to increase the double buckle (Tiger) door lock and become the standard for exterior door locks. The current implementation of the light industry standard QB is the revised new standard. The exterior door locks and spherical door locks are divided into two categories, A-level and B-level. Basically, the distinction between high-end villas, apartments and commercial housing, and unit housing is clearly defined.

Second, how to choose when buying

When purchasing lock products, pay attention to the following

1. Should choose well-known products, stable quality and good after-sales service products.

2. First, check whether the marks and signs of the purchased product packaging are complete (including the implementation standards, grades, production company name, address, and production date of the product). Whether the packaging is firm or not, the content of the manual is consistent with the product, beware of exaggeration and inconsistent with the facts. phenomenon.

3. Observe the appearance quality of the product, including whether the lock head, lock body, lock tongue, handle and cover plate components and related accessories are complete, and whether the surface color of the plating parts and paint spray parts is bright and uniform, and whether there are signs of rust, oxidation, and damage. .

4. Check whether the product's use function is reliable and flexible. Select more than two products to check and check. In particular, when buying a two-way lock product, you must use all the keys to test the internal and external locks respectively. Also check the insurance organization of the product. It is recommended to try each lock at least three times.

5. Then check the key's dentising condition. If there are five spoons, each key should have no less than three different spoons. At the same time, the first tooth and the fifth tooth should not try to select the deepest spoon tooth, which will facilitate the insertion of the key. Pull and hard to break.

Expanded Metal Mesh ceiling panel  is widely used in building decoration field nowdays
1.Materials :  aluminium plate ,thin low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate,Al-Mg alloy plate,
2.Types of holes : diamond , square, round , triangle scale,etc
3.Type of Sizes: 
LWD: 12.5-200mm 
SWD: 5-80mm 
Thickness: 0.3-8mm
4.Packing: waterproof paper packing and woven bags or cartons in expanded metal roll mesh
5.usage :used in filter elements, medicine, paper-making, filtering, breeding, wire mesh for battery, wire mesh for satelite aerial, machina protecting , handcraft making and window screen substitute.
Expanded metal mesh usually packed with wooden pallets  or wooden frame,then into the 40HQ

Expanded Metal Mesh

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