Chinese Academy of Sciences and Danish University of Science and Technology study the use of complementary solar energy

Recently, the preparation meeting for the “Key Technology Research on the Multi-energy Complementary Integration and Optimization System Based on Solar Photo-thermal Utilization” organized by the Building Materials Research and Design Institute of Gansu Province will be held in Lanzhou. The Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Danish University of Science and Technology will participate in the project.

Three domestic and foreign R&D units will establish a multi-energy complementary dynamic coupled heating system based on solar thermal energy utilization based on the characteristics of renewable energy such as solar hot water systems, air heat source pump systems, and biomass pellet fuels.

Low-carbon, green, energy saving, and environmental protection are important connotations of new urbanization in China's new era. The development of this project is conducive to the development of the solar thermal industry in western China, and is beneficial to all parties involved in the construction of the new Silk Road Economic Belt. Make due contributions to development.

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