Property market "relaxed" favorable air energy industry

Property market "relaxed" favorable air energy industry

In recent days, with the exception of first-tier cities, most of the cities that have restricted purchases have cancelled or relaxed restrictions on purchases, which has, to a certain extent, boosted the transaction volume of the property market. Take Foshan, Guangdong Province as an example. Since opening the purchase restriction in early August, Foshan has been able to trade 3000-4000 homes per week. Compared with July, when the property market was relatively flat, the transaction volume of the property market in August has nearly doubled.

As a downstream industry of real estate, the air energy water heater industry has always been closely linked with the property market. With the restriction of purchase restriction, it seems that air energy water heater companies have seen new vitality. The industry generally believes that restricting the purchase of "relaxed" policies in many places in China is good news for the air energy industry. Especially with the advent of the "Golden September and September 10" decoration season and the arrival of the water heater sales season, many air energy companies are struggling to win a good sales in the terminal market.

According to Zhao Misheng, deputy director of the China Energy Conservation Association's Heat Pump Professional Committee and chairman of Guangdong NuoTai New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., it is a good thing for the major air energy companies to relax restrictions on the property market. He said: “The loosening will promote consumers to buy a house, which will definitely boost the demand for decoration. For enterprises, this is a business opportunity that will certainly promote the development of our home building materials industry such as air energy.”

The recovery of the property market for air energy companies means an increase in consumer groups, and many consumers with high spending power will also surface. It is still the upper class who are able to purchase property at this stage. Therefore, the relaxation of the property market is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for the air energy industry. Air energy companies can use the economic strength of the upper consumer groups to promote their own brands to a higher platform.

In addition, for the leading air energy brands, real estate projects are also coveted.

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