Anchuan inverter reported SC failure analysis

The main service items include: domestic and imported inverter repair, programmable controller (PLC) maintenance, PLC control cabinet maintenance, man-machine interface maintenance, touch screen maintenance, soft starter maintenance, DC governor maintenance. The SC fault is a common fault of Yaskawa inverters. The IGBT module is damaged, which is one of the causes of the SC fault alarm. In addition, damage to the drive circuit can easily lead to SC failure alarms. Yaskawa in the design of the drive circuit, the upper bridge uses the drive optocoupler PC923, which is an optocoupler with an amplifier circuit dedicated to driving the IGBT module, Yaskawa's lower bridge drive circuit uses the optocoupler PC929, which It is an optocoupler with an internal amplifier circuit and a detection circuit. In addition, motor jitter, three-phase current, voltage imbalance, frequency display but no voltage output, these phenomena may be IGBT module damage. There are many reasons for the damage of the IGBT module. The first is the failure of the external load, which causes damage to the IGBT module, such as short-circuit of the load, stalling, and the like. Secondly, the aging of the driving circuit may also cause the driving waveform to be distorted, or the driving voltage fluctuates too much and the IGBT is damaged, thereby causing the SC fault alarm. Shanxi Taiyuan inverter repair Anchuan inverter reported SC failure analysis Editor: (Hardware Business Network Information Center) Anchuan inverter reported SC failure analysis

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