Home business "into the Amoy" or "O2O"?

Recently, the reporter was invited to visit several home building materials enterprises (Ximengbao Furniture, Marco Polo Tiles, etc.) located in Fujian and Guangdong. They conducted in-depth exchanges with middle and high-level enterprises in the form of research and theme sharing. Internet thinking and home business e-commerce Development continues to be a hot topic of communication!

Home business "into the Amoy" or "O2O"?

Vertical development is optimistic, there is a market for "focus" and "extreme"

Whether it is in the field of furniture or building materials, brands that have advantages in products and models, focus on core products, create good service reputation, and quickly iterate according to user needs, such as "Internet" vocabulary is the traditional excellence that has entered the transition runway. Brands are frequently mentioned.

In the field of home building materials, there are already many benchmarking companies that can serve as “models”. They are the leaders in the vertical field: Chivashua sofas create the largest market value home-listed companies in the “functional sofa” segment. (Minhua Holdings, Zhihuashi brand owns the company, currently the only domestic market enterprise with over 10 billion yuan in value); Dongyi Risheng, the first listed home improvement company in China, has become a leader in the national equipment company, and recently Large-scale business contacts, it is expected to use capital to accelerate the national layout...

The enterprises listed above have one thing in common, that is, they have been working in their respective sub-divisions for many years, and they have been deeply recognized by the capital market and consumers, becoming a template enterprise in the segmentation field, and maintaining a good momentum in the later development. Recently exchanged Ximengbao, Marco Polo and other enterprises happen to be the corresponding types of enterprises, respectively, in the vertical field of pine youth children's furniture, antique tiles, with a strong voice in the segmentation field!

Internet, e-commerce is fierce! The traditional mode of home is not calm!

From the indifference of e-commerce a few years ago to the “high fever” in the second half of last year, the home building materials industry will give the industry practitioners and observers some “crossing sense”: I did not expect this to be low in the Internet and e-commerce fields. Concerned about the industry, it became a "pig on the feng shui", entering the eyes of the industry and consumers.

In the in-depth exchanges with home furnishing companies, many companies are still confused: Is it continuing to make sales and rankings in B2C e-commerce systems such as Tmall and Jingdong, or is it determined to build their own O2O marketing platform? Traditional home furnishing enterprises are more They survive and develop in the “stable and stable” business operations. In the emerging but powerful Internet era, they are also looking for support points that allow them to make strategic judgments!

Tmall, Jingdong, Melaleuca, and Tuba Rabbit are not unexpected. They are still hot words for home building materials companies. Weimei Group (the brand owned company of Marco Polo and L&D Tiles) recently led the team to visit the Alibaba headquarters. The information brought back and spread from it is “internet thinking”. In fact, it is more like a visit to understand the “future” of “has come”: traditional enterprises must actively transform in the Internet age!

Of course, the platforms that the major companies and brands can see and use the fastest are Tmall and Jingdong. It is very simple to cooperate with them: opening a store, stationing, promoting, doing sales, earning rankings... Of course, some people will see it, but the traditional, conservative, and stable attributes of the home industry make the entrepreneurs and professionals in the pan-home industry still busy with exhibitions and stores... In China’s 100,000-level home furnishing enterprises, There are still very few companies that attach importance to the development of household e-commerce. The main components are home building materials, decorative listed companies, quasi-listed companies or later home e-commerce companies. Since the second half of 2013, discussions about home e-commerce have been endless. More reasons, in addition to the history of the "heavy industry" of e-commerce development has come, there is a very real reason, that is, the rent of commercial real estate continues to rise, forced to sell, independent monopoly The traditional home furnishing market model, such as stores that rely on commercial real estate sales model and the promotion of dealers' dealerships as the core business model, must be transformed!

Consumers’ voice is enhanced and “user experience” becomes market-oriented

Whether it is traditional business or e-commerce, it is ultimately "business", and ultimately it is the best product or service that allows end consumers to actively pay for it!

The Internet and e-commerce have not fundamentally changed the household products, but they have changed the business ecology. Because of the transparent development of consumer information, consumers have become “involved in an instant”, and the dominant voice of the merchants has developed toward the consumer’s dominant voice. It has become irreversible! "Internet thinking" is the rapid transformation of the home industry, which is still full of "manufacturing thinking", into the field of "user thinking."

"User experience" is the ultimate direction for the development of various consumer goods in the Internet era. In the recent exchanges with larger home furnishing companies (furniture, ceramics, etc.), what is more felt is that the business ecology of the home furnishing industry is close at hand. The backward business model, like the backward products, will be used by emerging consumers. And the new market is abandoned.

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