What are the factors that need to pay attention to the project camera procurement?

The discussion of the industry network video recorder (NVR) has become more and more popular. More and more applications have noticed the application of NVR. What factors will be taken into consideration when purchasing NVR products at the application end? What is the focus of their purchases?

From the considerations of purchasing NVRs on the application side, it can be seen that the NVR product performance/performance ranks first in the list with 96% of the attention. During the special interview, the application side also stated many times that the NVR products' performance/performance such as large storage, high transmission, excellent image quality, and software management is the focus of their attention.

The local pre-sales / after-sales service ability ranks second in the application-side procurement factor with 92% of the attention. Indeed, it is very important for the NVR to have a good service capability for the product where the NVR is not familiar with the application. In today's increasingly demanding overall solution, manufacturers need to have a more comprehensive and solid knowledge system to provide support for services. Lin Lekuan, a senior system integration engineer at Shenzhen Jingyang Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out: “The sales of NVR requires front-line business personnel to have a good understanding of the entire system architecture, including comprehensive considerations of network transmission, switching, and back-end wall-to-wall.” Many aspects of the knowledge required manufacturers to develop a rigorous training system, make use of network sharing and other channels to make the information available to the targeted training of channels, from the product advantages to the overall learning of the NVR system program, to ensure that the channels to take the required.

Hu Zhigang, Marketing Manager of Taiwan Liling Enterprise Co., Ltd., introduced: “The sales of Liling NVR products are focused on integrators and installers, and technical support is directly supported by the Taiwan headquarters technical engineer (FAE) for integrator guidance. Planning two-stage digital-related courses will enable Taiwan Liling's customers in China to gradually import all-digital IP and other related systems.” Cheng Yueyu, product manager of Tianjin Tiandi Weiye Digital Technology Co., Ltd., said: “Tiandi Weiye’s current national setting is 40. In the branch, hundreds of technical support service teams are set up in the technical support center, and localized pre-sales and after-sales services are convenient for customers to provide timely and effective support.” To provide better service to the application end, each vendor makes Out all the stops.

The price factor ranks third with 76% of the attention, which is also the most important factor for consideration when purchasing most of the applications. "Not cost-effective, not cheap enough" is the complaint of many applications when it comes to NVRs failing to be used on a large scale. "Simulation + DVR = cheap enough" to make many applications still choose DVR after a lap. Gong Jian, NVR product line director of Zhejiang Yushi Technology Co., Ltd., believes: “With the further adjustment of HD network cameras and NVR prices, and the further implementation of national/industry standards by vendors such as ONVIF, GB/T28181, etc., it is expected that in the third quarter of 2013, The NVR market will show growth."

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