Pay attention to the living room decoration taboo celebrity home to help you create a perfect living room

Celebrity Home Furniture News The feng shui layout of the living room affects the family's wealth and career. Therefore, master the theory of feng shui taboo in the living room decoration, which is more conducive to life. The following celebrity home furniture will explain the taboos of the living room decoration.

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Living room decoration Feng Shui taboo

First, the plants in the living room, the plants that can be placed in the living room are rich bamboo, ivy, bamboo, hyacinth and so on. The placement of plants should be chosen above the treasures of the living room, and the words “the five elements are born together”, so plants can bring benefits to the whole family.

Second, the decoration of the jewelry in the hall needs to be in the shape of a garden. The placement of the sofa needs to be U-shaped to gather gas. The decorations cannot contain sharp objects, such as swords, ferocious beast paintings, etc. Will bring concealed anger to the living room, leading to quarrels and family disparity.

Third, the decoration of the living room should be rationally laid out, and it is better to be practical and beautiful. The layout of the living room must be square, preferably square or rectangular. If the living room has an irregular shape, it needs to be separated by a screen to become two separate spaces.

Fourth, the furnishings in the living room need to be determined according to the orientation of the master's five elements, and can not be placed at random, which not only affects the gas field of the entire living room, but also affects the owner's fortune.

Fifth, the living room coffee table is generally placed in front of the sofa or on both sides, echoing the furnishings of the sofa. The coffee table is used to place tea sets, and can be decorated with ornaments or flowers to beautify the environment. The coffee table has become an indispensable tool in the living room. The coffee table is not only a display item in the living room of the home, but also has a unique feng shui effect. The size of the coffee table actually affects the owner's fortune.

Sixth, the gate is facing the elevator, just rushing into the house. Originally, the house was a place for gathering gas and nourishing the gas. Now it is directly opposite to the elevator. The gas in the house is between its opening and closing, and it is sucked and scattered to other places. It can be said that it is big. Avoid, so you should set the screen behind the door to refuse to leak inside.

7. If the gate is facing the stairs, two different patterns will be formed. First, the stairs are downwards, and the wealth in the home is very likely to go down. Therefore, a screen should be set behind the door to prevent the internal financial flow; In one case, the stairs facing up are considered to be outflows of wealth. If large leaf plants such as rich trees and money trees are placed in the door, they can be introduced into the room.

The color of the living room is also an important factor in determining the fortune. The color of the living room feng shui should be distinguished by orientation. For example, if the living room is located in the south of the house, it should be mainly yellow; if the living room is located in the east, it should be mainly green; if it is located in the west, it should be mainly red; if the living room is located in the north, it should be silver or gold. The color of the living room feng shui is not static, the most important thing is to achieve a natural balance according to the pattern of the five elements.

The above is the information about the decoration of the living room. For more information on furniture, please pay attention to the furniture of celebrity.

Source: Celebrity Home Furniture

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