Hanging around the Bangkok home boom shop, I actually moved back to the whole home!

Every day in Bangkok is full of surprises, because you can feel the local designers use their creativity to design interesting and vital life groceries anytime, anywhere, so that when you enter the store, you will indulge in the beautiful daily design. Can't extricate themselves, can't wait to move all the stores back home! If you are also obsessed with these groceries, you may wish to follow the small green sauce to go to the Bangkok home tide shop to explore the life of the beautiful home.

PART1 style home store

In Bangkok, the longest time for me to stop is the home design shops that are hidden in the streets and lanes, whether it is a designer brand collection store, a retro second-hand furniture store, or a shop selling traditional handicraft objects.... The product itself and the store display have been carefully planned, which makes people feel the Thai people's keen insight and proper placement of living space and objects.

|| CASAPAGODA - Three " Hai Tai " European and American designers, play with vintage elements

This is a creative home store created by three European and American designers who love Eastern culture. Although there are also branches in Shanghai and Beijing, Bangkok stores have advantages in terms of area, product quantity and price.

The spacious and spacious floor space is matched with 3 floor-to-ceiling windows to make the space brighter. A variety of different sizes of furniture and home accessories harmoniously present a unique mix of East and West. The industrial-style metal lamps that are rarely seen in the store are based on the old-fashioned classic design. As long as there is such a piece in the home, the feeling of crossing is too strong. The lights here are basically hand-made in India and Turkey, and the feeling of natural oldness is difficult to achieve. Brass rivets and fasteners on the sofa are hand-stitched in a traditional way, returning to the era of the gentleman's club.

CASA PAGODA's selection of carpets is made from traditional Tibetan families living in Nepal using traditional techniques and materials, woven by traditional hand-woven methods. These carpets are woven with 100% Tibetan wool; there is also a real traditional artificial blow. Made of colored glass products, all kinds of beautifully designed cushions give us comfort as a friend; the leather used in the retro leather series is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and each finished product has a unique crease. The raw materials of the sofa include top Italy. Leather and European high-grade textiles such as velvet and natural linen.

It must be the heart of the retro lovers, even if you don't buy anything, turn around inside, surrounded by the nostalgic atmosphere of the corner, and satisfied.

Business hours: 10:00-21:00 on weekdays, 11:00-20:00 on weekends

Access: BTS Phrom Phong Station, 15 minutes walk to 307 Sukhumvit Soi 39

|| Hoog Shop - Unlimited local designer brand

After graduating from college, Jitrin has been designing furniture for many furniture companies as a freelance designer for 10 years, such as chairs, tables and coffee tables... from wood, rattan to leather, plastic, stainless steel, metal, etc. It is a designer who never sets himself. The lighting in the store is from the hands of his good friend, Suppapong. On the original plastic-based Tazana lighting, wood, bamboo, rattan and other materials are added, which are light and durable. There is also a rare wooden kitchen counter in the store, with charming lines and color, so that people who don't like to cook can't help but want to go to the addiction.

Business hours: Week 1 - Week 5 9:00 - 18:00, reservations are required on weekends

How to get there: BTS Thong Lo Station, 5 minutes walk to 919/3 Sukhumvit Rd.

PART 2 Theme Design Center

Want to visit Bangkok's various home design stores? Spend a day in the emerging home design concentration camp in Bangkok - CDC (Crystal Design Center) is absolutely reliable, this design center opened in early 2010 is currently the largest furniture design center in Asia, it covers an area of ​​nearly 10,000 square meters, has 22 buildings Construction and more than 3,000 local and foreign brands.

|| HCDC - Asia's largest furniture design center

CDC has gathered a lot of well-known furniture and home furnishings brands in Thailand. Some of them are often seen in TIFF and BIG+GIH exhibitions but are exported only for export. They also have their products here. Some furniture stores are presented directly in the form of warehouses.

Among them, objekt is a furniture store that I will punch every time. It is a very local and popular local original furniture brand in Bangkok. Beautiful and simple solid wood furniture, the traditional Thai design and the Nordic minimalist style, the store is also arranged into a daily life scene according to the look of the home, surrounded by 80 retro things, simple and warm.

In addition, some independent designer clothing brands are scattered scattered throughout the park, and the public space also displays a number of artists' installations. Every weekend after 6 pm, there is a creative night market to visit. Since most of the products are designed and produced by the owner personally, the price is not cheaper than the shopping mall, and almost no "small knife". However, this design center is too big, so you can wait for the free scooter in the park when you are not moving.

Business hours: Week 1 - Week 4 10:00 - 20:00, Week 5 - Sunday 10:00 - 21:00

Transportation: MRT Lat Phrao Station, take a taxi for 20-30 minutes to reach 1420/1Praditmanutham Rd.

PART 3 local young people are keen on shopping mall

In the heart of the city, Siam Discovery, in addition to the collection of local and international fashion brands, the furniture, lighting and home furnishings on the 4th and 5th floors are not to be missed. Each store is uniquely designed and styled. Strolling has become a daily life for local young people.

|| Propaganda - Touching people with humor

Maybe you don't know Mr.P, but you must remember this long-term spoof, occasionally selling cute creative cartoons, small bodies but full of humorous cells. When I arrived in Bangkok, this ever-popular store knew how red it was!

MR.P is the representative of the Thai humorist design. It is designed with a full-body boy, such as the most famous MR.P table lamp with various shades. The switch is an important part of the boys. There is also a group of MR.P pepper cans that lacked the incisors. It was the day when the designer just lost a tooth and suddenly got a design inspiration when he woke up in the morning. MR.P sometimes turns into a key chain, a rubber pedestal, a door file with a cute and funny appearance... Sometimes it opens into a trash can and is in the "home" of this MR.P. I want to take all these humors away.

Business hours: 10:00 - 21:00

Access: BTS Siam Station, 5 minutes walk to Siam Discovery, 4th floor, 402

|| ROOMCONCEPT STORE - Life factory from Australia

After passing through the door, I thought it was a Nordic life groceries. When I walked in, I found out that this ROOM CONCEPT STORE was actually a home brand from Australia. Twenty years ago, its founder was struggling to find a necessities that would suit him. He decided to do it himself, so he had this self-contained life groceries.

The fairly wide storefront design, the overall style is similar to the living workshop, the products sold from bedding, home accessories, furniture, toiletries to home appliances have everything, but also consider the design taste and practicality. For example, the shelf of sunglasses hanging in the doorway immediately makes people feel the humor of the Australians; the work lights are not willing to just make a supporting role, so that they can sell the spoiled "killer"; the space-saving triangle clock, don't look at it petite However, there are countless prizes; even the discarded red wine corks can become a robot with a lot of gestures.

Business hours: 10:00 - 21:00

Access: BTS Siam Station, 5 minutes walk to Siam Discovery, 4th Floor, 417

|| Loft - a heavenly stationery control paradise

Loft is a common national groceries brand on the streets of Japan. In addition to the introduction of limited products for individual stores, basically the variety of goods sold in the store is quite diverse, such as beauty care, 3C accessories, design stationery, home goods, storage, etc. The circle can be purchased at one time. In particular, there are all kinds of notebooks, writing utensils, design small objects, and business supplies in the stationery area. The classification is fine and metamorphosis. In this stationery-controlled paradise, it is often an afternoon.

Business hours: 10:00 - 21:00

Access: BTS Siam Station, 5 minutes walk to Siam Discovery 4-5, 418-420, 515-517

PART 4 ​​Weekend Market

|| Chatuchak Weekend Market - Spying on the home of the locals

Here, as small as refrigerator stickers, candles, tablecloths, Thai silk pillows, large rattan chairs, floor lamps... If you can't find what you want here, it is even more impossible in other parts of Bangkok.

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