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Now that people's lives are getting more and more stressful, many people will choose to go to the bar to relax and seek psychological control after a busy day. So now all kinds of bars are quietly appearing in every corner of every big city. Many friends have taken a fancy to this business and have chosen to open bars, but they are not very understanding of the bar decoration design. The following small series introduces the theme bar decoration design considerations.

Theme bar decoration design considerations

1. Emphasis on innovation and sexual design

For bar design, creativity is a very important point, so as to show unique results. If there is no unique personality feature, it will easily fall into the ordinary, too flat, without innovation. The design of the bar should be independent thinking from different forms of thinking and establish its own unique aesthetic image in mind.

2, make full use of association and imagination

Contact and imagination are indispensable in the design, which determines one of the important conditions for the design results, and the innovation of the graphic should start with association and imagination, and can be expressed in terms of the theme, type and technique of the design. Fully unfolding the wings of imagination and exerting the imagination of design and creation are not constrained by individual experience and the space-time of reality.

3, capture the soul of design in life

Inspirational design can be suddenly realized through some kind of accidental factors to realize the leap in understanding. It is also a sudden inspiration for new images, new ideas and new concepts. This is the inspiration for design. Inspiration will hide in the depths of people's thinking, and will not shift with the will of the people. Only such a good at capturing the inspiration of life can have a better bar design.

4, the combination of reverse thinking and forward thinking

Bar designs can be thought-and-imagined, or reversed, and may be unexpectedly rewarded. This can lead to the improvement of visual thinking and the success of creative ideas. This kind of conventional design idea, when you are caught in an innovation, can combine two opposite foods to find out the law, and can also achieve specific visual effects according to the principle of unity of opposites.

Editor's summary: The theme bar decoration design notes introduced here, and hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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