New homes need to pay attention to what to do four wasteland cleaning to do

After we have worked hard to finish the house, we will begin to prepare for the new house. This is a matter of making the family happy, and it is also called joy of housekeeping. Before we move furniture into new houses, we will carefully and thoroughly clean the house. Some people will invite professional cleaning companies to clean their new homes. Others will clean their own hands. What should pay attention to new homes? Today Xiao Bian came to explain to you about what you should pay attention to when you stay in a new home . Let's learn about it together!

What should you watch out for when you stay in a new house?

In general, there is a lot of dust on the glass, and there will be outside on the inside. We can use a towel to wipe the glass window and the frame first, then spray some cleaning solution such as glass water, evenly from top to bottom. Then use a special tool to remove the dirty water. Finally, use a dry towel to dry the water trace on the frame so that the glass is clean.

What should you watch out for when you stay in a new home?

For the sanitary area, we should also follow the top-to-bottom order. We need to know what material is on the top of the water pipe, and then use different cleaning methods according to different materials. For walls, if the walls are covered with tiles, you can clean the tiles with a clean ball or a rag, and focus on the sealant and glue marks on the surface, paint, cement, etc. The kitchen also adopts a top-to-bottom cleaning method, but because the kitchen has more stainless steel fittings, we have to focus on these cleanliness.

What should you watch out for when you stay in a new home?

For the door of the room, we also need to pay attention to cleanliness. We also need to use different detergents for different materials. We must use a certain amount of water to dilute, and then use a towel to wipe it. It is also smooth from top to bottom. If there is a trace of glue, you can remove it with glue. For the cleanup of the door, we must make sure that there are no omissions and no dead ends. In the case of walls and lights, we can use dusters to remove dust.

What should you watch out for when you stay in a new home?

If your home is made of wood flooring, then we need to first clean up the garbage and then wipe it clean with detergent. If it is a tile, then we can use a rag to wipe, for some stubborn cement can be used to remove the blade.

Xiao Bian's words: After the completion of the house, more or less some garbage will be left for the owners to clean up, and some of the traces left in these constructions require certain skills to be clean, so we need to advance before check-in. Mastering some cleaning techniques so that we can live in more peace of mind and comfort before we can make our house more tidy and generous. The above is the knowledge that Xiao Bian and everyone explain to the new house to stay in, and hope to give you some reference! More related content, you can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will present more exciting content!

What should pay attention to new homes

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