Do you know how to identify the true and false of rosewood?

There are many materials used to make furniture or other items. But solid wood is still a favorite choice for everyone. Rosewood is the most excellent material for making furniture, and it is loved by many people. Many merchants shoddy for the benefit. So how do you identify the true and false of rosewood ? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to this knowledge.

How to identify true and false rosewood

One must "smell": the scent is thick, but it is spicy, and the nose is good and it smells a bit sour.

Second, you must "taste": taste the bitter taste with your tongue.

Third, "looking": the pear pattern is smooth, the texture of the new material is clear and beautiful after polishing, and the visual sense is excellent. There are wheat spikes, crab claws, texture or hidden or vivid, vivid and changeable. In general, there will be no nails on the furniture of Huanghuali. Due to the precious materials, the production of fine huanghuali furniture and handicrafts needs to be carved like jade carvings. The raft structure must not have iron. nail.

Four to "touch": huanghua pear air dry density is equal to or greater than 0.76g / cubic centimeter, hard wood, high hardness, feel good feel, thick and not thorn, and can feel oily. Even after touching the hand, the fragrance is lingering.

Five must "splash": use a knife to cut some broken pieces, put it in a cup, splash it with hot boiling water, there will be a strong fragrance.

Six to "color": huanghuali color varies greatly, ranging from black, reddish brown, yellow, white, red, but the extremely precious black and red Hainan huanghuali has been extremely difficult. In addition, the heartwood and sapwood are very different, and the heartwood is reddish brown to deep reddish brown or purple reddish brown, uneven in depth, often with dark brown stripes, and its sapwood is gray-yellow or light yellow-brown.

Seven must "find the cockroach" : There are some "grips" on the surface of the plucked pear. The grimace is caused by the scarring during the growth process. Its knot is different from that of the ordinary tree. It has no rules and presents beautiful patterns. People call it “grimace”. But not all huanghua pears have faces.

Eight must "ask": Whoever said that he has a large number of Hainan huanghuali handicrafts, especially new ones, then you have to be careful! Because Hainan huanghuali has long been a national first-class protection plant, the country has not allowed cutting down. .

Nine to "plan" : has a strong toughness and a small internal stress is the outstanding characteristics of huanghuali wood. It is not as brittle as mahogany, which makes it easy for carpenters to identify during construction. In the case of a thin blade, only the yellow rosewood can have a long spring-shaped shavings, while the mahogany has only chip-like shavings.

Ten must be "pure" : There should be no nails on the furniture of Huanghuali. Due to the precious materials and their great strength, only the talents with considerable depth of production can complete.

The above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge of rosewood plates brought to you by Xiaobian. For more information, stay tuned for GO Home

Source: GO Jiaju

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