[Comprehensive] What are the classification of high-quality helmets?

There are two categories of safety helmet products, namely, general operation (Y) helmets and special operations (T) helmets.

Which T class is divided into five categories:

T1 applies to workplaces with fire sources;

T2 applies to underground, tunnel, underground engineering, logging and other operations;

T3 applies to flammable and explosive workplaces;

T4 (insulation) is suitable for live working places;

T4 (low temperature) is suitable for low temperature operation.

Each kind of helmet has a certain technical performance index and scope of application, so the selection should be based on the use of the industry and operating environment to buy the appropriate product.

Consumers can choose the right variety according to their own needs. According to the industry and operating environment used, choose helmets.

For example, the construction industry generally chooses type Y helmets;

In the power industry, T4 (insulated) safety helmets should be used for contact with power grids and electrical equipment;

In the flammable and explosive environment, T3 helmets should be selected.

The choice of helmet color is arbitrarily large, generally suitable for light colors or eye-catching colors, such as white, light yellow, etc., can also be selected in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulations, selected in accordance with the principles of security psychology, and selected according to different sectors. According to the workplace and the environment to choose.

Plate is manufactured by depositing chromium-rich, abrasion-resistant materials on mild steel base plate using a traditional arc welding process. This product is usually referred to as Chromium Carbide Overlay (CCO) plate on the market. The hardfacing overlay is suitable for severe abrasive wear and impact applications. Qingdao HART Industrial Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2003, it had a long history of providing innovative wear solution and world class wear products. 
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CCO Hardfacing Grinding Table

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