Spraying pesticides in the rainy season

Pesticide category selection

Systemic pesticides. Systemic pesticides can enter the plant through the roots, stems, leaves, etc. of the plant and are transported to other parts. Such as tricyclazole, 1 hour after spraying, it has no effect on the efficacy; Omethoate emulsion, Thiobacillus, Carbendazim, Triadimefon, etc. with rapid conduction, and herbicide acetochlor, fine The quizalofop, glyphosate, etc., after being applied for several hours, are taken up into the tissues by the plants, and the agents are less affected by the rainfall. Another example is dexamethasone, chlorfenapyr, high-efficiency flumethrin, etc. Although it has no conductive effect, it has strong penetrating power on the surface of the crop, so it is also suitable for rainy season application.

Rain-tolerant pesticides. Such as Bordeaux mixture, basic copper sulfate, copper rosinate, Jinggangmycin, chlorpyrifos, etc., 2 to 3 hours after application, even if it encounters moderate rain, it does not affect the application effect.

Microbial active pesticides. Microbial pesticides will increase the efficacy in the rainy weather. For example, fungi, bacterial pesticides, in the case of high temperature and high humidity, the breeding speed will be accelerated, and the insecticidal effect will be improved. Commonly used microbial pesticides -781 Bacillus thuringiensis, Beauveria bassiana, caterpillar monocytogenes.

A quick-acting pesticide. The quick-acting pesticide can kill the pests in a short period of rainy period, thus avoiding the "chronic pesticide" reducing the effect of the leaching of the pesticide due to the rain, such as killing the crop after a few minutes after the anti- èšœAphids; phoxim, omethoate, isoprocarb, phoxim and pyrethroid pesticides have a strong contact killing effect, killing a large number of pests 1 to 2 hours after application.

Improve drug efficiency measures

When using the pharmaceutical liquid, add some washing powder or saponin, etc., which can enhance the adhesion of the pesticide on the crop and the surface of the pest. Even after the application, it is not easy to wash the drug even if it encounters moderate rain. Add appropriate amount to the powder. Viscosity of mineral oil or vegetable oil, soy flour, starch, etc., can significantly improve the adhesion, add water-soluble adhesives in wettable powders or suspensions, such as various animal bone glue, gum, waste honey, etc., application After the water is volatilized, the powder adheres firmly to the surface of the application object and is resistant to rain.

Improved application method

According to the performance of the drug, suitable application methods, such as systemic insecticides , can be used to avoid rainwater scouring and prevent pesticide loss. The appropriate application method is adopted according to the occurrence and activity of pests and diseases. The pests, such as rice leaf roller, are selected to be applied before and after dusk, so that the agent quickly infiltrates into the rice plant tissue, and the pests die within 2 to 3 hours.

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