Universal coupling application

Universal coupling, depending on the transmission torque, what kind can there be? Each kind is suitable for what occasion? Why are universal couplings often used in pairs? And, on this type of coupling, how does the measurement work go? These questions are raised, and they are all about universal joints. Their main purpose is to solve them, so that everyone can learn clearly. 1. Universal coupling, which can be divided according to the size of the transmission torque? Universal couplings, according to the transmitted torque, can be divided into light, small, medium and heavy types of four, each of which is applicable to: Light and medium universal couplings: mainly For the vehicle industry, and light industry machinery industry. Small Universal Couplings: Mainly used in control mechanisms. Heavy-duty universal couplings: They are used in industries such as metallurgy, petroleum, engineering, and lifting machinery. In addition, they can also be used in heavy machinery. 2. Universal coupling, why is it used in pairs? Universal couplings, when used in pairs, are mainly designed to overcome some of the disadvantages of their use in a single use. For example, when the universal coupling is used alone, it will easily cause a dynamic load, thereby adversely affecting the use of the universal coupling. Consequences, therefore, it is used in pairs, and we call it a double universal joint. 3. What should be done when measuring a universal coupling? The measurement of the universal coupling is mainly to measure the coaxiality of the universal coupling. Therefore, four evenly distributed positions should be selected on the end face and circumference of the coupling, and then the measurement work should be performed. In this way, accurate results can be obtained, thereby avoiding errors. In the universal coupling, the above questions and the specific answers given are all very basic. It can be said that it is an indispensable knowledge to understand the products of this website. Therefore, we hope that everyone will take it seriously and carry it out. Have a good learning effect, thus, to increase their knowledge in this area and benefit from learning.


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