Autumn 茬 facilities vegetable planting points

After the autumn of the greenhouse and the autumn and winter of the greenhouse, the wintering, tomato, cucumber and other fruit and vegetable cultivation period, in order to ensure the normal growth of vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers, and to reduce the damage of the plants before the results, the following aspects should be noted:

Preparation before planting

1. Before the high-temperature shed is planted, the sheds are uniformly applied with 5000 kg of organic fertilizer such as cow dung and 40 kg of superphosphate. The nozzle is used to pour water, and the ground has no dead angle to cover the old shed film, and the outer shed film is sealed. Using solar high temperature shed for about 20 days, the surface temperature of the shed can reach 60 °C ~ 70 °C.

2. After finishing the high-temperature shacking of the land, the land will be rotted again, and the rafting will be ridged according to the height of 25 cm and the width of 70 cm. Drip irrigation pipes are placed on both sides of the ridge to prepare for planting.

3. The shed film is cleaned to remove dust and other debris from the surface of the old shed film or to replace the new shed film to increase the light intensity in the shed. Fix the film line to prevent high wind damage.

4. An insect-proof net is installed at the ventilating opening of the insect-proof shed to prevent external pests from moving in. Use a smoker such as imidacloprid to fumigate the shed to kill internal insect sources.


According to the planting distance of tomato and cucumber varieties, the planting hole is irrigated. The seedlings were fixed with a Bi Di diluent.

Post-plant management

After 3 days of colonization, the roots were treated with metalaxyl, chlorothalonil and chitin dilutions for 5 to 7 days for 3 consecutive times. It can effectively prevent soil-borne diseases such as stem-based rot, blight, root rot.

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