Is there a design style for the log decoration? Log decoration considerations

Now everyone is facing this busy building because of various reasons in life, and some friends choose what they want because they don’t know some materials for decoration. Others just don’t know the room. What kind of style is designed and decorated, and what is the material. Now I am going to tell you a good decoration wood for everyone, then it is the decoration of the logs ! Let me talk about the different design styles of the wood decoration.


First, what is the log decoration?

1. The meaning of logs is that there is no added color of wooden furniture, without too much decoration, to maintain the characteristics of this wood color, in order to reflect the nature of nature, after the decoration can fully feel the natural woody. This is the basic principle of the wood decoration style. If this principle is violated, it cannot be called a log decoration.

2, the wood decoration in the choice of home color, biased towards light colors such as white, beige, light wood. It is often dominated by white, with bright solid colors as embellishments; or black and white as the main tone, without adding any other colors. The space gives people a clean and clear feeling, and there is no sense of clutter. In addition, colors such as white, black, brown, gray and light blue are the design styles often used in log decoration.

3. In the decoration style of logs, the matching method of wooden beams and wooden decorative ceilings is a common method, which can effectively maintain the log pattern. The resulting ceiling is simple and elegant, and the lines are smooth, which makes the room space very strong. The ceiling of the log decoration style must be equipped with soft lighting. For example, you can use orange light to reflect each other, which is more fascinating.

Second, what should be paid attention to in the renovation of logs?

When decorating logs, don't just put together the original wood-like furniture or decorations, which will make a big difference. Home improvement with high-end logs as raw materials must be designed before the formal renovation. From the design, the relationship between doors, windows, furniture, accessories and other products should be fully coordinated to achieve the purpose of unification of decoration style. .

Third, the log decoration design

1. Natural, environmentally friendly and healthy log furniture reveals the beauty of nature and originality. The reason why the wood furniture is long-lasting, from the color analysis, lies in its natural wood color. The wood-colored furniture is both natural and chemically free. This is indeed a healthy fashion choice, in line with the psychological needs of modern urbanites to pursue naturalness.


2, the general use of logs for interior design, or as furniture such as tables and chairs, or paved wooden floors, it is like the fresh woody aroma floating in the air and the oxygen ions slowly exhaled by the green plants, bringing a quiet and quiet The sense of independence and independence of the world.

3, wooden seats, with striped cushions in dark and dark colors, the feeling of comfort emerges. The water-colored lampshade is matched with a copper-colored metal bracket, and the yellow light is emitted, which makes the sweet and warm atmosphere fill the whole space.

4. Add a golden cylindrical chandelier under the log ceiling to provide sufficient brightness for the space, and use metal elements to add color to the natural atmosphere. A grid display cabinet is installed at the wall of the bed to open the space storage function, and also the ceiling and the windows together show the three-dimensional feeling of the overall space.

The content shown above is Xiaobian according to the needs of friends, from our decoration home network to find out the different design styles of the log decoration, especially what should be paid attention to in the log decoration, then everyone is now I don't really want to build my own home with log decoration! And everyone wants to know more about decoration, and can continue to pay attention to our decoration home network.

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