How much does it cost to join a furniture agency to join which brand is more promising

Joining a furniture agency requires a lot of expenses. Investors who choose a furniture brand to join the agency not only need to spend a certain amount of franchise fees and security deposits, but also need to spend the rent, decoration and other expenses of opening a store. Want to make the investment risk less Then, it is crucial to choose a good brand. Which brand is more promising? How much does it cost to join a furniture agent ? Let's understand with the editor.

1. How much does it cost to join a furniture agent?

How much does it cost to join a furniture agent? First-tier cities

If you want to invest in a furniture store in a first-tier city like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, etc., the cost will be slightly higher. First, the franchise agency fee for furniture brands is about 25-30 million, plus some The decoration, rent, promotion, etc. of the store add up to about 500,000.

How much does it cost to join a furniture agent? 2. Second-tier cities

If you join a furniture brand store in a second-tier city, it will cost a lot of money, especially the second-tier cities in Jinan, Xi'an, Fujian, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other provinces and cities are developing relatively fast, and the per capita consumption and economic level are relatively high. Therefore, the agency fee for joining a furniture store is not low, about 15-25, plus other expenses, it is almost ready to invest about 400,000.

How much does it cost to invest in furniture agents?

If a third-tier city like Suining wants to join a branded furniture store, it will also need to prepare about 300,000 start-up capital. In addition to the franchise fee of about 10 = 200,000, it will also require labor costs, store and warehouse rentals, etc. It will cost tens of thousands, so it will cost about 300,000 yuan.

How much does it cost to invest in furniture agents?

If a fourth-tier city wants to invest in a branded furniture store, it can basically be spent on more than 200,000 yuan, because compared with other well-developed cities, fourth-tier cities have all aspects of consumption level, economic level, price, etc. It is relatively low, so various fees such as franchise fees will be reduced.

Second, which brand to join is more promising

1. Join well-known furniture brands

Well-known furniture brands worth joining are IKEA, Sofia Wardrobe, European cabinets, Qumei furniture, Quanyou furniture, Meikemeijia, Red Apple furniture, Lin's wood furniture, Huari furniture, Quanyou furniture, Federal furniture , Guangming furniture, Futaba furniture, etc.

2. Join small brand furniture

Small brands with promising prospects include Tiantiankai Cabinet, Yue Anju, Yangzi Cabinet Wardrobe, Healthy Learning Children's Seat, San Mano Customized Wood, Bo County, Westside Cabinet, Qingmutang Furniture, Xingyao Furniture, Huayuan Xuan Furniture, Colorful Life Furniture, Dinoya Furniture, etc., all of them have good joining enthusiasm.

Editor's Summary: The above is about how much money the furniture agent has to invest in, and which furniture brand to join is more promising. With the development of the home decoration industry, it is also very promising to invest in a product brand in a related industry. Hope that the editor The shared content can give you some reference.

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