The advantages of composite silicate board

The silicate composite board is a new type of floor material. It is composed of high-quality natural mineral magnesium silicate, and is manufactured together with chemical additives and high-temperature adhesives. Now we have to understand the relevant contents of the advantages of the composite silicate board and composite structures which silicate board made of!

1. The advantages of composite silicate board

1. The composite silicate board not only has good thermal insulation performance, but also has a very low specific weight of the material, which can effectively reduce the load of the dry wall, the construction performance is also good, and the thermal insulation inside and outside the structure can be well maintained. During construction, it can be directly pasted on the wall with cement mortar, which is very convenient, and it is superior to other building materials in terms of economy, building safety and reliability.

2. Its thermal insulation performance is designed and constructed according to the indicators of energy-saving thermal engineering, which can well solve the influence of thermal bridges on external wall thermal insulation parts, and because it is less than the strong combination with the base wall, it can ensure the stability of the thermal insulation layer. There is no loose surface layer and main drum, and if the load conditions of wind resistance ratio, dead weight, normal collision and external force are combined, the insulation layer will not separate and fall off from the strong bottom.

3. In addition to its good thermal insulation performance, it also has good fire performance and waterproof performance, and has a long service life, and it is also very convenient to maintain. It can be arbitrarily cut without causing pollution to the environment. May irritate the skin.

Second, what structure is composed of composite silicate board

1. The bottom

The bottom layer is a moisture-proof layer, sometimes composed of polyether material, which can well isolate the moisture and moisture from the ground, so that the floor will not be affected by the ground moisture.

2. Grassroots

This is the main part of it, because the structure is fine and uniform, and the particles are evenly distributed, so most floors use MDF as the base material.

3. Decorative layer

This is to print a specific pattern on the board, so that its appearance can be a beautiful and durable decorative layer, and it also has the advantage of anti-ultraviolet.

4. Wear-resistant layer

The wear layer is the last layer of the floor. It is a layer of wear resistant agent composed of aluminum oxide and the surface of the floor. This will not cover the patterns and colors on the decorative layer, but also make the floor very good. Generally, the greater the content and film degree, the higher the rotation speed of the floor, and of course the more wear-resistant.

Xiaobian Summary: That's all the advantages of small series of Composite silicate board and sharing composite structure in which a silicate board consisting of. If you are troubled with what kind of board you are decorating, I hope this article can provide you with some help. If you want to know more about decoration, you can continue to pay attention to this website!

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