What are the advantages of pvc flooring

Floor decoration is an indispensable item in the decoration. Of course, there are many materials used for floor decoration, such as ceramic tiles, wooden floors, pvc floors and so on. Among them, pvc flooring is widely used by people, but there are still a large number of people who do not know much about pvc flooring. So what are the advantages of pvc flooring ? What are the pvc floor purchase skills? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. What are the advantages of pvc flooring

1. Environmental protection

The raw material of pvc flooring is polyvinyl chloride, which is also an environmentally friendly material and a renewable material. Secondly, PVC materials are also used in other industries, such as tableware, infusion tube bags, etc., so you don't need to worry about its environmental protection.

2. Super anti-skid, fire retardant

The fire performance of pvc floor is very good, the index is at B1 level, and the fire protection is behind the stone. Secondly, the PVC material not only does not burn itself but is also effectively flame-retardant. Even if it is passively ignited, the smoke it produces will not affect the human body.

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof, sound-absorbing and noise-proof

Vinyl resin is the main component of PVC flooring, and this component does not absorb water, so the waterproofness of PVC flooring is very good. As long as the PVC floor is not immersed in water for a long time, it will not be damaged, and it will not produce mildew in the environment with high humidity. Secondly, the pvc floor has good sound absorption effect, and its sound absorption can be as high as 20 decibels, which is very suitable for libraries, movie theaters, etc.

4. Super light and thin, simple construction

The thickness of the PVC floor is only 2 mm to 3 mm, and its weight per square meter is only 4 kg to 6 kg. The weight is one-tenth of other ground materials. It can not only reduce the importance of the building but also be very important in high-rise buildings. Space saving. Secondly, the construction of pvc flooring is also very convenient and easy to operate.

Second, the purchase skills of pvc flooring

1. Quality: PVC material is also relatively light, which is very different from ordinary flooring. Not only does it have rich colors, but also its surface is specially treated, so it has good wear resistance and stain resistance.

2. Construction: Floor installation is very important in the entire construction project, and the quality of installation will directly affect the service life of the floor. The pvc floor has its own professional construction team, and the construction personnel are professionally trained, so its installation effect is unmatched by other floors.

3. Service: Service is the use and maintenance of the floor after installation, which is also a very important issue. Therefore, when you buy, you must choose a company with perfect after-sales and good reputation, so that later use can be guaranteed.

Editor's summary: The advantages of pvc flooring and the selection skills are introduced here. PVC floor should be cleaned and maintained frequently during use, so as to extend its service life, so as to maximize its value.

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