Russian scientists invent a fast and low-cost method for preparing absorbing materials

According to a recent report from the Russian TASS News Agency, scientists at the Tomsk University of Technology in Russia have invented a method for rapidly preparing iron oxide nano powders. This powder can almost completely absorb electromagnetic radiation and can be used to process military equipment and eliminate electromagnetic interference.

According to experts from the School of Power Engineering at Tomsk University of Technology, iron oxide nanoparticles are synthesized in a very short time at a supersonic speed of several kilometers per second in an electric accelerator at a temperature of thousands of degrees. This nano-powder is widely used as an adsorbent for electromagnetic radiation, making "hidden bodies" undetectable by radar, or used to shield high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic interference. It can also be used as a coating for cable lines to reduce the loss of data packets during transmission.

According to reports, this iron oxide nanopowder is obtained from cheap raw materials (such as metal water pipes and gaseous oxygen) in milliseconds, and the research teams in Japan and the Czech Republic may take 1-3 days to complete this process, or even 1 Weeks. At present, scientists are studying the application of this material in fingerprint recognition.

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