Prevention and control of three kinds of pepper pests and diseases

Blight disease is one of the main diseases of pepper seedlings. Both seedlings and seedlings can occur, but it usually occurs in the middle and late stages of seedlings. Blight is a fungal disease. The hyphae can directly invade the host, and can also spread through rainwater, running water, agricultural tools, and farmyard manure. The control of capsicum blight can be sprayed with 50% keering WP 1500 times solution or 70% mancozeb WP 500 times.

Anthrax This disease is mainly caused by the black fungus, and the stem, leaf and capsicum fruit can be infected with the disease. The prevention and treatment method is to spray the leaf surface with 50% carbendazim or dexamethasone, syrup copper WP 600-800 times solution and 50% thiophanate 800-1000 times solution at the beginning of the disease. Spray once a week for 2-3 weeks. The amount of prevention and treatment for the onset of the disease can be appropriately increased.

Most of the locusts in the summer, when the peppers are full, eat chili, is the enemy of the yield and benefits of pepper, can be controlled as follows: (1) 1.5-2 feet long willow branches inserted in the vegetable garden Moth in the morning to catch; (2) timely remove the capsicum pepper, eliminate the larvae in the cavity to prevent the fruit from being damaged; (3) use 90 crystal trichlorfon 800 times solution, or 80% dichlorvos emulsion 1000-1500 times solution, Spray once every other week, even spray three or four times, the first-instar larvae are eliminated in front of the pepper; (4) For the larvae that have been broken into the capsicum fruit, spray with 10% Xingmianbao 1200 times solution can kill.

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