Excerpts of "GMO Rumors" from Popular Science Materials of the Local Food and Drug Administration

"This kind of error occurred in the Food and Drug Administration of Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province. Combined with the phenomenon of GM rumors in the textbooks of primary and middle schools, it shows that the" blind zone "of GM science is very widespread." Fang Xuanchang, editor-in-chief of the Gene Agriculture Network, told the 30th Science and Technology Daily reporter.

On the 28th, the Gene Agriculture Network published an article saying that some netizens reported that there were obvious errors and rumors and conspiracy in the popular science brochure distributed to the public by the Food and Drug Administration of Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province. s.

The publicity materials stated: "Use all channels and methods to publicize the dangers of genetically modified organisms and refuse to buy all foods containing genetically modified organisms" ...

The head of the relevant department of the Food and Drug Administration of Meilan District, Haikou City said that the bureau had received relevant complaints from enthusiastic citizens. After verification, the complainant's problems were true, and the content of the complaint came from the propaganda material of "Food Safety Science Knowledge" printed by the bureau. The aforementioned erroneous content about genetically modified knowledge was excerpted from the Internet by design and production personnel, and was checked without professional review.

The person in charge said that the aforementioned materials have been distributed to participating citizens in publicity activities recently. To this end, the bureau takes remedial measures to seal and destroy the remaining "Food Safety Science Knowledge"; re-examine the content of other existing promotional materials to check whether there are other errors; publish on the bureau's portal website Articles and videos from the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on knowledge of genetically modified materials positively guide the public's awareness of genetically modified materials. The Bureau hopes to apologize through the media and correct related errors.

"This incident shows that genetic modification is not a general science problem, but to eliminate genetically modified rumors and correct the problem of misunderstanding. The genetically modified rumors persist for a long time and spread again and again, indicating that the governance of rumors is not strong enough, and the The cost of making rumors is very low, and the words and deeds of slandering GM and GM scientists are safe. "Jiang Tao, a senior engineer at the Biology Research Center of the Institute of Genetics and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that individual civil servants of relevant government departments are national policies for the development of GM. It requires a lack of basic understanding of genetically modified science.

Prior to this, government officials in Zhangye, Heilongjiang and other places had demonized GM remarks.

"They have neither been properly punished for this, nor have they publicly apologized to the society for their improper words and deeds. Strengthening the scientific literacy training of these groups may reduce similar incidents, but this work cannot be done overnight. Agriculture The Ministry of Rural Affairs, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Huazhong Agricultural University, and the Gene Agriculture Network have compiled and published quite a few books and brochures on genetic modification. If you want to find scientific information on genetic modification, the above channels can be used for reference. "Fang Xuanchang said.

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