High Gloss Aluminium Powder Coating Booth Machine Powder Paint

Substrate: Aluminum
Components: Film Forming Matter
Formation Mechanism: Non Conversion Type
Expiration Date: 1 Year
Quality: High
Usage: Appliance Paint, Boat Paint, Car Paint, Building Coat
Application Tool: Electrostatic Spray Gun
Surface: Hard
Trademark: Hongying
Transport Package: Wooden
Specification: Customized
Origin: Yangzhou
HS Code: 3907999990
Our products

      Jinchen Powder Coatings (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. products are major in developing, producing andsaling in addition to sale epoxide powder coating,Pure polyester powder coating and Polyester epoxy powder mixed type  coating. Through unremitting efforts,the application areas of products have unceasingly extended.,types of products have already enriched,theproducts not only  Involves in Aviation Industry,Shipping industry,Automobile industry and wirerope industry but also in civilian industry product. With the development of modern industry,our society demand s for powder coating is getting higher and higher,what'S more,the challenges of powder coating have rised in Ultrathin, Super thick, 
high temperature resistance and Low temperature curing. According to the characteristics of the product,we can provide our clients for the products which could temperature changes widely  from 110ºC to 400ºC,and the thickness changes from 30um to 1000um.

High Gloss Aluminium Powder Coating Booth Machine Powder Paint
Product Series
Product series
Product description
Typical use
Shelf life
Applied outdoors
Polyester resin as a raw material, weather resistant powder coating

Residential doors and windows, ceilings, garden degrees Celsius, garden furniture, auto parts, bicycles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, sporting goods, etc.
At least three years

Polyester resin as raw material, powder coating for metal exterior walls and steel structures
Building steel structure parts, ceiling, door and window profiles, auto parts, ship parts At least ten years

Polyester resin as a raw material, used in the construction of super weather resistant powder coatings

Metal walls and steel construction, garden furniture, garden facilities, stadium seating, residential doors and windows, railings, playground facilities, agricultural machinery, etc.
At least 15 years

The use of oxygen containing resin as raw materials, used in the construction of super weather resistant powder coatings
Metal curtain wall, profiles, steel structure, wind power equipment, traffic signs, auto parts, ship parts, etc. At least 20 years, depending on regional climate
Indoor application
Epoxy polyester as raw material, powder coating in the interior

Radiator, mechanical parts, metal toys, metal cabinet, case shell, warehouse shelves, school furniture, etc.
At least three years

Epoxy resin as raw material to meet the decorative and functional applications of powder coatings
Laboratory equipment, auto parts, tubular cylindrical metal parts, etc. At least three years

Epoxy polyester as raw material, low temperature curing powder coating

Household appliances, radiators, mechanical parts, metal toys, warehouse shelves, school or office furniture, etc.
Special application: Professional powder for automobile industry, double coating anticorrosion system, putty, antibacterial powder, high temperature resistant powder, transparent powder, Imitation of chromium coating powder, powder heat, high toughness powder, superhard powder, moire powder, wrinkle powder, oil resistant powder, oil repellent powder, single effect mirror silver powder, conductive powder, anti graffiti powder, vacuum plating medium powder, soft touch powder, MDF powder, glass powder, plastic powder technology

High Gloss Aluminium Powder Coating Booth Machine Powder Paint

Theoretical coverage 
(Square area per kilogram)
High Gloss Aluminium Powder Coating Booth Machine Powder Paint
      The corresponding theoretical values are not found in the table,we can ues the formula 
      Square area per kilogram=1000/film thickness x proportion
      Unit work powder=Unit work area/Square area per kilogram
      The following factors may lead to the difference between the actual coverage and the theoretical value:
      1,There may be residual powder in the equipment used, such as powder silo, , fluidized drum and so on
      2,Loss through ventilation equipment
      3,Uneven working surface
      4,The workpiece belongs to the special part, which contains the bending angle

Quality management
      The company has advanced testing equipment, such as granulometer spectrophotometer, UV aging test machine, salt fog box, temperature tracker, gradient drying. These instruments can be a variety of products and testing to ensure that products meet the requirements of national industry standards. In order to ensure the stability of customers in the process of using our products, we summed up from practice:
      1,Temperature tracking:
      The baking temperature accurately determine customer bake oven or by temperature tracker, and time data, the establishment of temperature curve as the archives for the customers, so as to provide scientific basis for product development, and ensure the stability of the product.
      2,Gradient oven:
      It can simulate the production line baking process by programming the heating rate, baking temperature and baking time. Simulating the temperature curve of the drying and curing oven in the production line.

      3,Template file:
      We set up a model file for each customer, including the original model provided by the customer and each batch supply retained model.
      4,Sample retention:
      Every time we supply for customers, will retain the 500g sample, the purpose is to find out the reasons for the customer in the course of the use of unusual circumstances, to help customers solve problems.

Advanced testing equipment
High Gloss Aluminium Powder Coating Booth Machine Powder Paint

Something about JinChen
High Gloss Aluminium Powder Coating Booth Machine Powder Paint

      Jinchen Powder Coatings (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. has been setted up in 1996,specialized in developing , producing and selling the powder coating .As a modern enterprise,we provide all-wave professional design and supply of powder coatings to consumer that in different regions or industries.After over ten year's efforts ,we have Rapided rise in powder coating.what's more we have played a great role in powder coating of China.
      Jin Chen sets production bases in YangZhou City and ShenZhen city,both production bases have already passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification and ISO14001 International environmental management system certification.Inaddition,we also have mordern powder coating production lines and International advanced quality testing equipments.
       Since company setted up ,we have Adhered to the business philosophy of environmental protection, energy conservation, Efficient, innovation.
We have always been adhered to the science and technology as the guide,  imported experts who at home and abroad,and Polymer professionals. Research and Development Center has been bulit about professional powder coating . Our company not only mainly engaged in studying and developing in functional Products but also reaslied the clients'ideas.we have research and development moreover 20 kinds of products,such as special powder for industrial sewing machine, ultrathin spray powder, automobile engine cylinder body powder, Special powder for cable,MDF wood powder.Among those, High weather fastness building professional powder and galvanizing base material professional powder have been used in sound barrier project in Beijing Shanghai high speed railway which is national key project of China,after reviewed by Ministry of Railways.
      Jin Chen pays attention to the developing about environmental protection powder coating all the time.By using correct design plans and disposal measures so that can reduce the influence on the environment to reach the goals of environmental protection.what's more ,in this case ,individuals can live more safety ,more healthier and more  happy.
      The company dedicated to provide customers with the most reliable products,and the closest servic.

Freight Transport
High Gloss Aluminium Powder Coating Booth Machine Powder Paint

Perfect service system
      We want to build a full range of customer service platform, not only to provide products, but also services.
      1,Easibility analysis of spray line
      2,Selection of powder coatings,We promise to offer you
      3,Cost benefit analysis program
      4,Equipment maintenance scheme
      5,Regular testing of customer usage
      6,Provide consultation or on-site service for powder coating failure

Environment and health
      Over the years the company has been committed to the development and development of environmentally friendly powder coatings, has been concerned about the survival of the human environment, and environmental protection has always been the first in the development of the company. Building a good society, so that people live a more secure life.
      We can reduce the pollution of the company's business and products to the environment through the correct design and disposal measures, so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.
      Powder coating is a kind of coating solution with good cost and benefit, because the powder coating does not contain any organic solvent, and will not pollute the air soil and groundwater.
      Recycling technology to improve the utilization rate of powder coatings to more than 96%, does not lead to emissions, while we also strive to avoid any business activities endanger the health of employees and others. We have passed the audit of the international environmental management agency ISO14001.


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