PVC Coated Gabion Box Anping Factory

Model NO.: Xl-GM-024
Opening: 60X80,80X100,100X120,120X150
Wire Diameter: 2.0-4.5mm
Trademark: XINLU
Origin: Anping, China
HS Code: 73144900

PVC coated gabion box 

Application  Gabion wire mesh is used for slope and foundation pit support ,prevention or 
rock breaking ,slope planting ,water and soil protection,

high mesh fence,protection of dam and seawall against erosion ,etc.

Specification Mesh Size;:60x80,80x100,100x120,120x150 


                                 Length x width x height :2mx1mx1m,3mx1mx1m,6mx1mx1m.,6mx1mx0.3m

1,galvanized steel wire :low carbon steel wire with diameter ranging from. 2.0mm-     4.0mm,tensile strength>380Mpa,the wire surface is galvanized ,the thickness of zinc layer
 is customizable ,the max zinc is 300g/mm2.

2,Zinc-5% aluminum-mixed mischmetal alloy steel wire ,a new-type material with diameter ranging from 2.0mm-4.0mm,tensile strength>380Mpa,it offers as more than threes times the corrosion resistance of
 pure zinc ,

 Finish can be hot-dipped galvanized , galvanized aluminum alloy or PVC coated ,etc.

The galvanized wire, before being woven ,can be coated with a special PVC coating 0.5mm thick. This additional coating gives full protection corrosin in marine or heavily polluted environments
PVC Coated Gabion Box Anping Factory
PVC Coated Gabion Box Anping Factory

Production Description: Mycotoxin Binder Meisuqing is stable and free flowing premix of activated clay minerals, purified yeast products and efficient mold inhibitors for all diets. It`s a versatile combination of high affinity substrates for varied set of fungal toxic metabolites. Meisuqing is metabolizable and does not interfere with vital nutrients, as clearly proven in various high-inclusion tolerance test. Because of its concentrated efficacy, it is only needed in a relative low inclusion rate.    

Active ingredients:

Nanoscale modification montmorillonite, Mannan oligosaccharide, Vitamin C, Bacillus, Aflatoxin degradation enzyme.


Meisuqing is a Well-balanced blend of aflatoxin absorbing aluminosilicates, and purified yeast cell wall compounds with broad-spectrum binding capacity.

The frequent and highly polar aflatoxins(e.g.B1)and ochratoxins(e.lg.OTA)originate from post-harvest fungal infection during humid feed storage or manufacturing. These low-weight molecules are typically formed by Aspergillus and Penicillium infections(e.g.in corn, groundnut or cottonseed), and are quite easily bound electrostatically by activated clay minerals. Montmorillonite is good clay mineral for eliminating these hazards but also various degradation products like ammonia or heavy metals. During chronic challenges of aflatoxicosis, montmorillionite will stimulate immunity by improving antibody titers against Newcastle disease and Avian Infectious Bronchitis.

The commonly found Fusario-toxins such as trichothecenes(DON,T-2&HT-2), ZEA and fumonisins however, are typically harvest field-borne and can actually be absorbed by mainly yeast cell wall oligosaccharides. For this reason, Meisuqing contains essential organic yeast cell compounds.Extraordinarily, it`s prebiotic MOS have been modified into esterified-glucomannans (EGM) which are respected for their widest radius of action (primarily non-polar, but also quite strongly AFLA and OTA). As opposed to mineral clay binders, these yeast components bind persistent ergot alkaloids (Claviceps) and cereal Fusarium metabolites (especially ZEA&DON ) much more easily. Their PH independence enables a continuous binding activity inside the physiological,digestive system of the animal.Furthermore, next to Van der Waals and hydrogen toxin binding,yeast glucans also contribute in both specific and non-specific immune system, owing to their unique chemical structure. This synergistic mineral-organic combination in Meisuqing ensures an optimal dual approach.

Vitamin C could relief stress, improve immunity, the more important is protect liver and gallbladder, prevent mold destroy to liver, improve liver`s detoxification function. Plant extract could prevent mold and other toxin damage liver.


To prevent or polluting begins 0.5-1.0kg/t; Moderately polluted 1.5-2.0kg/t.


The feed serious moldy should abandoned,don`t feed animal.

Package: 1kgs/bag, 20kgs/carton or 25kgs/bag.

Storage: Normal temperature,sealed,cool and dry place.

Shelf time: 18 months

Test case     

80 pigs divided in two groups, each group 40 pigs. Test group add 0.1% Meisuqing,control group only gives normal feed, 30 days testing period. (kg)


Avg.initial weight

Avg.end weight

Avg.day grow

Total feed consumption

















Mycotoxin Eliminator

Mycotoxin Binder,Vomitoxin Remover,Mycotoxin Remover,Compound Mycotoxin Binder

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