Yantai Spandex invents "cutting cloth" bulletproof, cut-proof and fireproof

A piece of cloth can't be cut or burned. In order to study this piece of cloth, it actually cost more than 100 million yuan in funds. Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd. issued a report to the public that the production of parabromone, the main component of the “cut fabric”, was successfully put into operation in Yantai. With an annual output of 10,000 tons, this project will allow China to become an important basic material that has the same national security and national economy as the United States and Japan.

"Not cut cloth" can bulletproof

Para-aramid also known as "Aramid 1414" Yesterday afternoon, reporters at Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd. saw a golden color of this high-tech fiber material. Dr. Ma Qianli, deputy general manager of the company, told the reporter that para-aramid has high-strength, high modulus, flame-retardant, high-temperature resistance, electrical insulation and Other excellent characteristics, and carbon fiber, high-strength high-modulus polyethylene fiber and said the world's three high-performance fibers. It is quite mysterious. In fact, para-aramid is widely used in daily life. Paragraph Aramid looks like shiny metal wire, in fact, is a liquid crystalline polymer composed of rigid long molecules, with unprecedented high-strength, high modulus and high temperature characteristics, there are synthetic wire said.

Dr. Ma Qianli said that the strength of para-aramid is 5 to 6 times that of high-quality steel, toughness is 2 times that of steel, and its weight is only 1/5 of that of steel. Aerospace, security protection, backbone equipment, transportation, structural enhancement, and automobile manufacturing can all find its shadow.

In the showroom of Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd., Ma Qianli explained to reporters one by one. It is reported that after para-aramid filaments are knitted into aramid fabrics, a major use is the processing of body armor.

The reporter first put on a body armor made of it. Ma Qianli unveiled several layers of “laminate” inside his clothes, saying that they are all made of para-aramid cloth, and the aramid fiber can absorb and disperse the impact energy of the bullet into other fibers of the braid to avoid causing blunt trauma. . At present, the company has received orders from North America and Brazil and other countries and regions. Each body armor is worth about RMB 10,000.

"Not cut cloth" can be fire retardant

Paragraph aramid processing of stab-resistant cut-proof clothing, cut-proof gloves "very wear-resistant." The reporter cut the cut-proof gloves a few times with a brand new pair of scissors. Finally, the scissors were blunt and the gloves did not hurt.

Not only wear-resistant, anti-cut, para-aramid is also resistant to corrosion, can be flame-retardant. The reporter fired an ordinary nylon glove and started it. It quickly adhered. While using a lighter to ignite a pair of aramid-processed gloves, there is almost no reaction, and only one high temperature burns to leave carbon marks. Ma Qianli said that its fire-resistant temperature is 560°C. Even if it is burned, it will only be charred, and it will not decompose and melt, and it will not stick to people.

Tyre bursting on high-speed roads can lead to serious traffic accidents. Once the para-aramid technology is applied, the tires will not only burst, and even if there is no air pressure, they can run for 200 kilometers to find a rescue. At present, the domestic aramid technology of Yantai Spandex tire cord fabrics has been included in the national high-tech research and development plan by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, and has obtained national special funds.

Optical fiber cable is the largest use of para aramid in China in the future. Zhang Shuguang, vice president of marketing of Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd., said that 40% of it will be used for optical cable production protection.

Studying "cutting cloth" costs billions of dollars

What is truly impressive is that, as a national high-tech enterprise and a leader in the field of high-tech fibers in China, Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd. has relied on independent innovation and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on scientific research funds, specializing in research and development. The key technology of Lun.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the production workshop of Yantai Spandex Co., Ltd. that the entire para-aramid production line was operating normally. According to the company, on May 30, 2011, the 1000 tons/year para-aramid industrialization project with a total investment of 250 million yuan successfully produced the first para-aramid fiber full roll. After rigorous testing, the product performance indicators are significantly better than the pilot products, breaking the US and Japan's basic monopoly of the global market position of para-aramid.

It is reported that the 10,000-ton para-aramid industrialization project has been successfully put into production, making Yantai Spandex become the only high-tech industrial enterprise capable of large-scale production of meta-aramid and para-aramid full-line products in China and the largest aramid fiber industrial base in China. .

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